Upcoming TEDx talk

I have been invited to give a TEDx talk in Rotterdam on 9 October 2019. The event will focus on A shift in Perspective. Am excited but also a bit daunted to give a concise yet compelling speech to a general audience in customary TED fashion!


I will be preparing my talk in next weeks and months which – no surprise – will deal with the art market. It is generally assumed the art world has become much more democratic thanks the digital revolution and the inclusion of emerging economies in the world art market system, and vastly improved access to art and information. There is promise of a revolutionary change, allowing for unprecedented democratic participation in the constructing of knowledge and the validation of art by the public.

These new perspectives beg the question whether new technologies are making it possible for both artists and collectors to bypass the traditional middlemen such as gallerists, critics and dealers. In other words, are amateur experts and algorithms causing the demise of the art experts, or as I will argue, is there an even greater need for trusted and trained art experts in an information saturated world brought on by new media technologies?