* Art Markets: Theory and Practice (since 2009, EUR)
* Art Markets in Context (since 2010, EUR)
* Cultural Economics: Theory (since 2006, EUR)
* Cultural Economics: Applications (2006-2010, EUR)
* The Netherlands: History and Culture (sessions on the Golden Age, since 2008, EUR)
* Cultural Industries (2006-2007, EUR)
* Art and Market (2006-2008, EUR)
* Economics of Art and Culture (2006-2008, EUR)
* Art and Society in Early Modern times (2005-2006, VU Amsterdam)
* Art and Economics, 1400-present (2005-2009, University of Leuven)
* Flemish art in context (2000-2006, for James Madison University at the University of Antwerp)
* Art and Society in Early Modern Times (2003-2004, University of Antwerp)
* Various guest lectures at Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbia, Duke University, Christies Education (London), the University of Gent, Free University of Brussels, University of Wisconsin, Georgetown University, University of Leuven and University of Amsterdam (among other)